GP Gliders Ireland

Kevin Houlihan is no stranger to Irish pilots of both the gliding and power fraternities and indeed is known in gliding circles internationally having flown socially and competitively throughout Europe, in the USA and in Namibia.

Kevin is the driving force behind GP Gliders Ireland and is without doubt the best person to have at the helm.  He has been gliding since 1981, has his Gold ‘C’ badge with all 3 Diamonds and holds an FAI 1,000k Diploma.  He has flown over 113,500 kilometres cross country – just short of 3 times around the world at the equator – without an engine!  He is an instructor, tug pilot, IGSA examiner and rated inspector.  He has experience on over 50 types of gliders and several dozen power planes.

Significantly, Kevin has extensive experience with self launching gliders having owned, maintained and flown a DG808C for eight seasons.  He has also flown a variety of other TMGs and SLMGs to include Scheibe SF25 Falke and Super Falke, Slingsby Venture, Slingsby T29 Motor Tutor, SF 28 Tandem Falke, Schleicher ASK16, Dimona, Arcus M, HpH 304MS, Schleicher ASW22BLE and sustainers such as the Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus.  He also has the important advantage of having many hours in both an Arcus E and an Antares 23E and so is well used to the management and operation of electric self launching gliders.

Kevin also owned and operated a Jodel D120A for several years and in it visited many of the c. 200 airfields and airstrips throughout Ireland.