Uli’s views

We enjoyed Uli Schwenk’s company (don’t you always!) at a barbecue hosted by the Vintage Gliding Club based at Lasham one evening during the 2017 European Gliding Championships. Those who had followed the 2nd FAI World 13.5 m Class Gliding Championships, particularly those who had been watching live tracking, were aware that Sebastian and Uli spent quite a lot of time together during the tasks, and on the podium! We were curious as to Uli’s views on the GP14.

In a nutshell, he thought it was a very elegant, very beautiful glider, particularly the wings and tailplane. He had told GP Gliders that he wanted to fly one! As to performance, Uli found that the GP14 out-climbed him in every thermal but he was able to claw back some in the glides. This could possibly be attributed to the weight difference between the mini-Lak and the GP14.  Of course, we know which went on to win. 😀