13.5m WGC 2017

Anyone looking only at the final results of 2017’s 13.5m WGC could be forgiven for thinking that Sebastian just about pipped it in the GP14. The daily results showed a very different picture. The reality is that he established a lead at the outset, which he stretched during the course of the competition. In fact, up to the final day, Sebastian had been on the podium, usually on the top step, on all but one day, and on that day he was fourth! ¬†Going into the last day the GP14 was 229 points ahead of it’s nearest competitor, a mini-Lak flown by Uli Schwenk.

Unfortunately, an inadvertent excursion across the Hungarian border resulted in Sebastian receiving a technical land out at the point of infringement and scoring only 178 points for the final day. However, by then his lead was such that he nevertheless went home with the Gold and the GP14, still only a prototype, won the 2nd FAI World 13.5m Championship on it’s first outing!