Welcome to GP Gliders Ireland! We are delighted to represent Peszke S.C. in Ireland and Northern Ireland and to be able to offer you this exciting new range of gliders.

Please bookmark us or add us to your favourites and be sure to check back often to keep up with news and developments – like the GP14 Velo’s win – on it’s very 1st competitive outing – at the 2017 13.5m World Gliding Championships!   For the latest snippets of information, follow our Facebook page (link at the bottom of this website). Your comments are welcome and we’d especially appreciate your ‘Likes’ if you appreciate our efforts. ??

GP Gliders

GP GLIDERS are designed and produced by PESZKE S.C. based in Krosno, Poland.

The Peszke (pronounced Pesh-kah) family have been involved in aviation and gliding for at least three generations. Jerzy Peszke (grandfather of the current MD) was one of Tomasz Kawa’s instructors. Tomasz’s son, Sebastian (multiple World Champion – including his 2017 WGC 13.5m win in a GP14 ?) is the company’s technical advisor, completing the circle!

The current company was founded in 2007 and is a producer of aviation products, including high performance propellers, light sport airplanes (since c.1990) and gliders. The company has substantial expertise in the use of composite technology and aero structure design. PESZKE S.C. is a participant in the Subcarpathian Aero Cluster and Krosnian Technology Incubator.

Lead designer Grzegorz Peszke is an experienced developer, constructor and competitor. He has set records in Radio Controlled Thermal Soaring in the F3B class. His son Jerzy Peszke serves as CEO/MD for the company. The company’s modern facility is located right by the Krosno airfield. PESZKE S.C. uses state-of-the-art equipment, including a CNC plotter, laser cutting and milling equipment, 3D printers, and a WATERJET water knife.

Being a relatively young company gives PESZKE S.C. the advantage of a flexibility not normally evident in the more established firms. For instance, in the 24 months or so since it’s inception, the undercarriage of the GP14 Velo was completely redesigned, a new motor incorporated following a partnership agreement with MGM Compro and the in house propeller changed from two blades to three to better suit that motor. More astonishingly, since the launch of the GP11 Pulse, the GP14SE Velo has not only flown but has now competed in two successive 13.5 Meter World Gliding Championships  (winning the 2017 WGC on it’s first outing), and the GP15SE Jeta has been completed and flown quite successfully in the very first E-Glide competition. A self launching variant of the GP11 Pulse has now also been announced. Other manufacturers take 10 years or more to bring out new models.

GP Gliders Ireland

Kevin Houlihan is no stranger to Irish pilots of both the gliding and power fraternities and indeed is known in gliding circles internationally having flown socially and competitively throughout Europe, in the USA and in Namibia.

Kevin is the driving force behind GP Gliders Ireland and is without doubt the best person to have at the helm.  He has been gliding since 1981, has his Gold ‘C’ badge with all 3 Diamonds and holds an FAI 1,000k Diploma.  He has flown over 113,500 kilometres cross country – just short of 3 times around the world at the equator – without an engine!  He is an instructor, tug pilot, IGSA examiner and rated inspector.  He has experience on over 50 types of gliders and several dozen power planes.

Significantly, Kevin has extensive experience with self launching gliders having owned, maintained and flown a DG808C for eight seasons.  He has also flown a variety of other TMGs and SLMGs to include Scheibe SF25 Falke and Super Falke, Slingsby Venture, Slingsby T29 Motor Tutor, SF 28 Tandem Falke, Schleicher ASK16, Dimona, Arcus M, HpH 304MS, Schleicher ASW22BLE and sustainers such as the Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus.  He also has the important advantage of having many hours in both an Arcus E and an Antares 23E and so is well used to the management and operation of electric self launching gliders.

Kevin also owned and operated a Jodel D120A for several years and in it visited many of the c. 200 airfields and airstrips throughout Ireland.

Product Range

With their range of gliders, we think that Peszke S.C. has hit the sweet spot and has done so with impeccable timing.  Sales to date confirm our view (as do recent competition results! See under the GP14 Velo link below).

After decades where manufacturers were chasing performance with ever increasing wing spans, focus recently has been on extracting maximum efficiencies from smaller, lighter, easier handling machines. This trend is evidenced clearly by the Open Class entries in the last two World Championships – and by the results – and by the rapidly growing interest in the FAI 13.5 meter class. Also, there has been an explosion in world wide sales of Microlights and Ultralights. This is no coincidence. They are smaller, lighter, fun to fly but more importantly, cheaper to fly and to maintain than conventional aircraft, due in no small part to reduced regulation.

GP Gliders take that philosophy to new levels. The gliders are light and easy to rig and fly.  Empty weights range from the GP11 Pulse at under 120Kg to the GP15 Jeta – complete with motor and battery – at 185Kg. They are designed to fit into the SSDR category, introduced in the UK in 2014.   In Ireland they will be totally de-regulated pursuant to AN A.112 published by the IAA in June 2017.

Yet in terms of performance they seem set to cause some furrowed brows amongst established manufacturers. The GP 15 Jeta, for instance, has an aspect ratio of 29,  a wing loading range from 33-60kg/mand an L/D of over 50:1. That’s 18 meter territory!  Even the entry level GP11 Pulse, ideal for clubs and early solo pilots with it’s fixed undercarriage and flapless wing, offers a glide angle of 39:1.

All models come complete with auto connecting controls, basic instruments and a ballistic recovery parachute included in the price and a range of options to suit all tastes.  GP Gliders also supply very elegant, light and streamlined trailers which will protect your investment, offer a large storage area and can allow one man rigging. Click on the links below for some further details. Please then contact us to discuss a detailed spec & pricing on your chosen model.


Feel free to contact us by e-mail or message us on our Facebook page by clicking on the buttons below, or text or call for a chat on 087 2907992 or on Skype at khoulihan.  Clicking on the YouTube button brings you directly to Peszke’s own GP Gliders channel – enjoy!